Kamila M. Korbela

Founder, Art Conservator and Professional Associate of AIC

Kamila is an award-winning and accredited German Art Conservator for Paintings and Sculptures in Los Angeles with almost 15 years of experience in the field and Founder of LA Art Labs.

Kamila’s love for the arts was always fueled by her family and she decided to dedicate her life to the conservation and study of artistic works from a very young age. She successfully completed her graduate studies in Art Conservation while holding a full-time position at the National Gallery of Denmark and worked for the German government for several years. Already as a student, she started publishing in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, and books.

One turning point in Kamila’s life was when she decided to accept a job offer from the Balboa Art Conservation Center in SoCal. She was then offered a position at the the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the moment Kamila arrived in LA, she fell in love with this beautiful, eclectic and eccentric city.

Kamila continue to serve Los Angeles‘ population at LACMA, but expanded her professional portfolio to provide museum-quality conservation services to individuals and other institutions through LA Art Labs.

Conservator and restorator - repair and maintenance.