Kamila M. Korbela, Founder and Fine Art Conservator

I am the Founder of LA Art Labs and a German Conservator for Paintings and Sculptures in Los Angeles with almost 15 years of experience in the study and treatment of Fine Art.

Like many artistically gifted children I wanted to become an artist until my parents introduced me to the fascinating world of art conservation – a field that combines art and science to equal parts. 

From this point onwards I decided to dedicate my life to the conservation and study of artistic works. I eventually graduated from a private girls school with an emphasis in art and science, and landed a governmental fellowship in Paintings and Sculpture Conservation. 

After two years of employment I enrolled in the formal conservation program in Stuttgart. I successfully completed my graduate studies while holding a full-time position at the National Gallery of Denmark. Already as a student, I started publishing in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and books.

One turning point in my life was when I decided to move from Copenhagen to Southern California to work for the Balboa Art Conservation Center and met the love of my life, my husband Nicholas. I was then offered a job at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the moment we arrived in LA, we fell in love with this beautiful, eclectic, and eccentric city. 

I continue to serve Los Angeles‘ population at LACMA, but expanded my professional portfolio to provide conservation services to individuals and other institutions through LA Art Labs. 

X Kamila

Conservator and restorator - repair and maintenance.